The TopTech Saber™

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Color: Black

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The Ultimate LED Saber Experience 

What side of the force calls you? Join the Dark side battling for power and greed or join the Light side and fight for peace and knowledge. Whichever side you pick, you'll need a saber. Pick from one of our LED Saber's crafted deep down in the ice caves to protect yourself in the fight. 

One Saber - 7 Colors

Choose from 7 vivid colors with a touch of the button on the hilt. Made from a high-quality polycarbonate blade. 


  • Motion Sensor Swing Sound
  • Lightning Fast USB Charging
  • Realistic Flash On Hit
  • 23" Polycarbonate Blade
  • 7 Color Changing Modes

What's Included:

1x TopTech Saber™ | 1x USB Charger | 1x Instruction Manual

How To Activate Your Saber:

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds for the saber to turn on.

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