Smart Rolling Dog Ball

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Color: Blue
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The most innovative Active Ball for active dogs 

Leaving dogs at home alone can be dificult sometimes, and can cause anxiety and lead to apprehension problems.
They sometimes need something to distract or play around. The Active Rolling Ball rolls about randomly to stimulate the senses and captivate doggy's from day one!

Why Does My Dog Need This?

🐾 A Great Outlet - Dogs love fast-moving objects and are easily excited. Our Active Rolling Ball channels their excitement to healthy exercise & interaction with a toy!
🐾 Improves Mood & Prevents Destructive Behaviour - Allowing your dog to play releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in your dog’s brain. This gives them life satisfaction and reduces their urge to perform destructive behaviour. This leads to a happy pup and a happy owner!
🐾 Eliminates Boredom - Dogs require complex activities in order to stimulate their brain. The Active Rolling Ball holds attention for long periods of time. Many traditional toys are not responsive and dogs often lose interest quickly as they are not interactive enough.
🐾 Eases Anxiety - The Active Rolling Ball is proven to help ease anxiety by providing your dog with healthy exercise whilst stimulating their mind.

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