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Sink Stopper Pro

Sink Stopper Pro

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Turn Your Old Sink Into A Modern One!

Still using the same drain filter that came with your sink? Buy a house and tired of staring into a black hole wondering when you'll drop something down there on accident? The Sink Stopper Pro fits sinks with a 1.3in-1.65in (33-42mm) drain hole and comes with an anti-clogging basket that prevents clogging your pipes with hair and reduces the chance you'll drop something valuable down the sink. Our new automatic closing design prevents oder from rising as well.

  • No Tool Install: No tools are needed to install the Sink Stopper Pro. Simply remove your old stopper and pop in the new one!
  • Not Just Sinks: Use the Sink Stopper Pro on not just sinks but bathtubs, showers and in the kitchen!

  • Intelligent Basket Design: Instead of letting your sinks get clogged and losing an earring, our basket design catches everything for you to dispose of later. 


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