RC Military Jets

Plane: SU-35
Color: Yellow

Sale price$48.00


 Take Over The Skies With Your Own RC Jet

Easy To Fly ✈ 

Equipped with an automatic flight stabilization system making it a great choice for children and beginners. 

Tough To Break 

Made from EPP material, the plane is more durable, lighter and flexible than most other RC planes. Will recover quickly from a crash and the wings won't break off!

Ground Takeoff 

Built in landing gear enable a ground takeoff just like the real thing! Or try a hand throw for an aerial takeoff! 

Waterproof ✈

If you crash land in water, do not fear, we are waterproof! Our body is made from foam and will not sink!


What's Included?

  • 1x User Manual
  • 2x Propeller
  • 1x Aircraft Body
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Foam Glue
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 2x LED Light Bar


  • Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V 300mA 
  • Flying Height: 300m/984ft
  • Remote Control Frequency: 2.4G
  • Remote Control Distance: 300m/984ft

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