Magic Sand Free Beach Blanket

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Color: Gray
Size: 79in x 59in

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Don't Let The Sand Annoy You On Your Vacation! 

Summer is full of sunshine and freedom! Don't let the sand get you down. Designed to allow sand, dirt, dust and other fine particles to pass through the fabric. Our multi-purpose beach blanket is perfect for all occasions: the beach, picnics, festivals or camping! 


  • Sand Proof: Our cross-stitched pattern allows fine sand particles to pass through one way, but not the other!
  • Water Repellent: Made from strong nylon fabric; durable, breathable and water repellent. 
  • Wind Proof: Four pockets are incorporated into the corners allowing you to fill them with sand to prevent the blanket from flying away.
  • Easy To Clean: Can be machine washed, fast drying, doesn't fade.

What's Included:

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