LED Flashlight Gloves

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Illuminate Even The Most Difficult Areas

There is no need to take torches in dark rooms and underground stories now because you have our LED Flashlight Gloves. These ingenious gloves incorporate two LED lights, one on the index finger and another on the thumb. 
Led Flashlight Gloves | Shopenzer, Inc.

Get The Job Done Faster

Now you can stop struggling to see a night and start getting things done! This is the perfect gift for plumbers, mechanics, DIYers, night-hiking, or home defense!
FINGERBEAM Premium LED Lights Waterproof Gloves – IrishSupply


Whether it is electrical work, fishing, or running, this is the perfect tool during the coming winter months for your loved one! Don't worry about sizes! The LED Flashlight Gloves are one-size-fits-all and fully adjustable with velcro technology!

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