KeySqueeze Toothpaste Dispenser

Color: Green

Sale price$9.00


Use The Key To Unlock More Toothpaste

The KeySqueeze was designed to make your toothpaste, lotion, face cream, and other skincare products last longer but also makes it easy and hassle free to produce the exact amount of product you want. Avoid the waste!

Any tube made of aluminum or plastic that is less than 2 inches wide will work with the KeySqueeze. Made with quality plastic, the squeezer is safe and will last a very long time. 

Easier and fun for kids. Turn brushing teeth into a fun experience for them.

How To Use:

1. Pull the Key out of the base,

2. Align the bottom of your tube with they key and slide into the base.

3. Turn the Key to squeeze.

Finished Product: 

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