Gel Lint Roller

Save 77%

Color: Blue

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Say goodbye to pet hair and unwanted dirt

Can efficiently clean up all kinds of dust, pet hair debris, or food residue from your sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters, and more. It's a washable feature, which means you can use it again and again, saving money and reducing waste. 

Stay Hair-Free and Hassle-Free

With its superior stickiness, the roller effortlessly picks up pet hair and lint. It’s a must-have for pet owners who struggle with fur-covered sofas and clothes. You don't need to tear the paper again or replace the battery. Just rinse it with water and as good as new.


Its unique sticky material ensures long-lasting use without losing effectiveness. After use, just rinse with warm or cold water soap or detergent and then wait for the lint roller to completely dry before using it again, It's convenient and simple.

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