Garden Clawz

Color: Purple
Claw Option: Half

Sale price$12.00


Save Yourself Time & Hassle!

Forget the traditional ways of gardening and get a pair of Garden Clawz! They make digging, weeding, planting, grading and raking extremely easy and use less energy doing it. Garden Clawz keep your hands clean while offering a strong level of protection against cuts, stabs and other gardening woes. 

Make Your Gardening Work Easier & More Enjoyable


  • Time & Energy Saving: With Clawz for fingers you'll be able to speed up your gardening tasks by easily clawing through tough top soil and other ground layers. 
  • Higher Level Of Protection: Made from a durable puncture resistant material that will prevent cuts and blisters. Fully waterproof design means you don't have to worry about wet soil or the weather.
  • Quality Materials: Strength tested ABS material that is extremely light yet durable. 
  • One Size Fits Most: Our gloves are super stretchable and will fit most hands! If it doesn't fit, we'll refund you!

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