Book Vase™

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Bring your bookshelf to life with this vase

This flower vase is a beautiful decoration for your home and serves as a decorative vase and a bookend, it adds aesthetic appeal.
It has the shape of a book and it's perfect for embellishing a bookshelf or a table.
It can be filled with lucky bamboo, rose, orchid, pearl, gemstone, pebble, twig, vase filler, etc.

Can be used anywhere

 Our Book Vase can be used as a home decoration, restaurant decoration, flower shop decoration, or office decoration.
 It is a beautiful acrylic vase that will look perfect on your bookshelf or anywhere else in your home.
The vase's compact design allows it to be placed anywhere in your home.

Create a unique atmosphere

Our Book Vase can also be put anywhere, it will create a unique atmosphere.
It is a modern creation with a strong artistic and cultural atmosphere.
Everyone loves this book-shaped design vase. When filled with roses, it enhances any romantic event.

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