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360 High Pressure Water Head

360 High Pressure Water Head

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Enjoy a lavish shower experience with this high pressure, eco friendly shower head 

  • Our shower head gives you an incredible spa experience in the comfort of your own home! The shower head is designed to increase the pressure!

    • High-Pressure Design: Makes water generate a pressurized flow through the rotating wheel.




    • Massage Effect: The shower head dispenses water in the form of a water jet that gently touches your body while showering. Relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation, and improves the appearance of the skin.


    • 360 Degrees Rotational Spin: The power shower head can rotate 360° and swing up/down. This allows you to adjust it flexibly and take a shower without having to hold the shower head in your hand.

    • Easy And Quick Installation: Installing the power shower head is as quick and easy as any other shower heads.



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