2 in 1 Spatula Tongs

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Color: Red

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Introducing the Spatong!

Grip it, flip it - no mess!

You never knew you needed our 2 in 1 Spatula & Tongs till today! The perfect tool for every kitchen. Easily slide the spatula portion on your pan and grip the tongs to grip & lift! 

Cut down on meal prep time & cleaning with our innovative tool!


  • Non-Slip: Our 2 in 1 tool has a non slip surface and a sturdy handle to ensure you won't drop what you're picking up!
  • Many Applications: Use it for any food - grab, slide, scoop, it makes no difference! We're looking forward to seeing how many different foods you can cook with our 2 in 1 tool!

  • Cut Down On Cleaning: With a 2 in 1 tool that can do it all you'll find yourself washing less and even replacing your old spatulas & tongs!
  • Food Safe:  Made from food grade silica - withstanding direct temperatures of 475F+

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